We’re not all talking about Palin

September 8, 2008

A few quick searches on Technorati confirms it:  we’re not all talking about Palin.

The Obama machine continues to dominate the web, with mentions of his name in over 1.5 million blog posts.  McCain has 58% of that number.  The surprise here is Palin: For every blog mentioning her there are 12 on Obama and 8 on McCain.  Surprising considering how much of a spark she lit but not shocking since her looks, family issues, and rousing speech are about all we have to go on right now.

Joe Biden seems to have the same “boring” label on the web as he does in the press, with only 65,000 mentions.  That’s half of his rival VP and even less than – wait for it – Cheney.

Clinton is virtually tied with McCain and still attracts 7x more mentions than Palin.  That’s Clinton today, on Sept 8th.  And Bush beats everybody but Obama.

Where do Britney and Madonna fit in this chart, you wonder?  Both beat Palin and Biden.  Shame.


One Response to “We’re not all talking about Palin”

  1. Ari Herzog Says:

    Interesting results.

    Of course, as Joseph Thornley and others mentioned, Technorati is nose diving in search results to the Googles of the world.

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