Facebook Pages cannot be rated on size alone; engagements must be considered. But what approach leads to more interactions and more fans: a Single Global Page or A Confederation of Many Pages?

Looking at the 10 largest brand Pages on Facebook, we find an average of 7.8M fans per Page each enjoying 3,367 interactions (likes + comments) per post. Sounds high? It’s actually quite low considering the millions of people they’ve drawn into their Page. As a rule of thumb you should expect 1 interaction per 1000 fans (rating of 1/1000 x 1000 = 1.0). The average interaction rating for these Single Global Pages is 0.4 compared to 1.1 to 1.6 for brands adopting the Confederation approach.

Top Global Brand Pages
Coke – 14.8M fans, 0.4 interaction rating (5,783 avg interactions per post /14.8M fans)x1000
Oreo – 11.9M fans, 0.6 interaction rating
Skittles – 11.3M fans, 0.6 interaction rating
Red Bull – 10.0M fans, 0.2 interaction rating
Pringles – 5.6M fans, 0.3 interaction rating
Nutella – 5.1M fans, 0.1 interaction rating
Starburst – 5.3M fans, 0.4 interaction rating
Dr Pepper – 5.0M fans, 0.8 interaction rating
Ferrero Rocher – 4.3M fans, 0.0 interaction rating (there are no Ferrero posts!)
Reese’s – 4.3M fans, 0.8 interaction rating

How does this compare to the Confederation of Many approach?

  • Starbucks – 18.8M fans total. In addition to the 15.9M fans in their US Page they have 24 Country Pages totaling another 2.9M fans. Overall the interaction rating is 1.1 – higher than any Top 10 Brand – and countries range from as high as 15.2 for Mexico (extremely high) to a low of 0.5 for the UK.
  • BlackBerry – 5.0M fans total. In addition to the 2.6M fans in their Canada/US Page they have 21 Country Pages totaling another 2.4M fans. Overall interaction rating is 1.5 – high – with Pages like BlackBerry Thailand, Argentina and Indonesia running away with interactions. They all rate over 4.0.
  • Captain Morgan’s – 660k fans total. 2/3rds of that are in the US Page, the rest split among 14 other countries. Interaction rating is 1.6 overall with some highly engaged communities like Captain Morgans South Africa rating 7.6 for their 20k fans.

Summary: The Confederation of Many appears to attract more fans and more engagements. Possible reasons include relevancy (instead of a general global message), language (successful Pages publish in the local country language instead of English) and culture (posts in Mexico are much riskier than Germany.)

*all figures pulled from Facebook externally